What is plywood? How much do you know about plywood specifications?

Time:2019-12-30 10:28:54

When it comes to plywood, it is estimated that non-professionals are not particularly familiar with it. In fact, plywood is often used in our home decoration, and is generally used in custom furniture. It is also a building material used for decoration and will be installed and used in the early stages of construction. Although this type of board is widely used, many consumers are confused by its different specifications, so let ’s take a look at what is plywood? What are the specifications of plywood?

What is plywood? How much do you know about plywood specifications?

What is plywood?

In fact, plywood is a new type of artificial board, which is composed of the surface board and the inner layer board. Generally, it is arranged symmetrically on the center layer or the two sides of the core of the board, and these plate-shaped materials are bonded with wood adhesive. A whole can help us save wood resources, so it is also a very stylish and environmentally friendly use. Generally, plywood will have more than three layers, and odd-numbered layers will be the most. After modern fine processing, the physical and mechanical properties of wood boards can be greatly improved. The increase in plywood specifications also makes it more suitable for furniture manufacturing and construction, and has gradually occupied a dominant position in other industries, such as shipbuilding and aircraft.

What are the specifications of plywood?

The length and width of plywood are slightly different because of the different manufacturers, but generally there are several specifications of 1220 × 2440mm, 1220 × 1830mm, 915 × 1830mm, and 915 × 2135mm. Use them according to our needs. You can also choose different length and width plywood to use. The thickness of plywood is actually determined by the number of layers. In addition to the surface plate, if the number of layers of the inner layer board is configured, the thickness will be thicker, but if the plywood is classified by the thickness alone, It can be divided into 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, and 18 mm specifications. So there is no fixed length and width specification for plywood.

What are the specifications of plywood?

What are the types of plywood?

1.A type of plywood

This kind of plywood has a very long life, has the characteristics of weather resistance and boiling water resistance, and is generally applicable to ships, so its price is also very expensive.

2.Class II plywood

This type of plywood can be immersed in cold water and hot water for a short time. It is also a water-resistant plywood, which has poor performance compared to a type of plywood.

3.Three types of plywood

This type of plywood is generally relatively resistant to moisture, but it cannot be soaked in water, which is more suitable for furniture and general buildings.

4.Four types of plywood

Because this kind of plywood is not resistant to moisture and water, it will be cheaper and can be used without special requirements.

What are the types of plywood?

The above is what I have compiled for everyone about what is plywood and what the specifications are. To sum up, plywood is just a board with several boards glued together. This feature also helps us save Resources, and its specifications are not fixed, because its width and thickness are not fixed values.