Foreign Trade Follower

After the signing of a trade contract, follow up or operate part or all of the goods processing, shipping, insurance, inspection, customs clearance and settlement of foreign exchange according to the contract and related documents to assist in fulfilling the trade contract.

I. Duties of order followers

1. Track the production of each single order and deliver the goods to the customer smoothly, and receive the response money; 2. Keep in touch with new and old customers to increase communication and understand customer needs;

3. Receive customer complaints and pass relevant information to relevant departments of the company; 4. Master and understand market information and develop new customer sources; 5. Do good after-sales service.

Second, the working characteristics of the follower

1. Good responsibility for doing orders and customers;

2. The work of foreign trade followers involves various departments, the followers and customers, and the planning department, production department and many other departments work is a kind of communication and coordination. It is the work of communicating with people on the premise of completing the order;

3, do a good job of customer staff, understand the factory's production situation, can put forward comments on customer orders, in order to facilitate customer orders.

4. Perform the duties of sales personnel externally, and coordinate production management internally. Familiar with the practice of import and export trade and the production and operation process of the factory.

Third, the recruitment requirements of copy

1, English requirements: English should reach the level of public English level 3 (or above), and should be more proficient in foreign trade English correspondence and basic knowledge of translation in English translation.

2. Business requirements: Familiar with the plate industry and the delivery process